Foods Vegans Should Avoid

healthy snack foodsFor those who do not know, a vegan is someone who avoids the consumption of animal-based/derived products. This includes dairy products, eggs, and can even mean honey. Veganism can go as far as to refuse using any and all products derived from animals. It is a difficult lifestyle but a worthy one nonetheless. Sometimes it is hard to find foods that coincide with your veganism, which is why you need to be careful; not all foods that are supposedly vegan-friendly are. Here is a list of foods to be wary of and to avoid:

  • Vegetable Pad Thai: This is supposed to be vegan-friendly, but it can be far from true. Authentic Pad Thai uses fish sauce so be sure to stress to the server of your need for a vegetarian sauce.
  • Wine & Beer: Some wines and beers are refined using something called isinglass which is derived from fish. For options on what to imbibe, visit
  • Marshmallows: These sweet little treats are made with gelatin, an animal-based product. Thankfully, there are brands and stores that have vegan-friendly marshmallows to help you satiate your sweet tooth!
  • Caesar Dressing: This might surprise you but this dressing contains anchovies–something most non-vegans avoid anyway, ironically enough.

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