What Is Ginseng?

herbal supplementsDid you know ginseng is not just one plant, but any one of 11? Ginseng are found in the Northern Hemisphere, in North America and eastern Asia. In Asia, ginseng can be found in Korea, Manchuria, eastern parts of Siberia, and Bhutan. It has the botanical name of Panax, which means “all-heal” in Greek. For many, this is a fitting name because of is purported benefits as a healthy supplement.

Ginseng can be taken as a powder or capsules, and tradition has it that ginseng can be useful as an aphrodisiac and stimulant. Related to the former, it has also been used to treat sexual dysfunction in men. Research has been done on ginseng with animals and its components have been shown to have positive effects on the central nervous system and penile erection. Additional studies on mice have shown effects on the production of sperm and the estrous cycle.

Asian ginseng–the most common type of ginseng–are found commercially in four forms: fresh, red, white, and sun ginseng. American ginseng is mostly found in Ontario and British Columbia in Canada and Wisconsin in the U.S. However, American ginseng can now also be found in northern China.

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