Organic 101: What Does It Actually Mean?

Learn how to make truly healthy snacks With so many people opting to buy organic food, knowing exactly what the term “organic” does and does not mean is vital. All of us want to be an educated consumer and when trends like this hit the nation, imposters will often flood the market claiming to help you on your journey.

Nowadays, supermarket aisles are filled with foods labeled as organic that are actually incredibly bad for your system. One of the biggest misconceptions people have about organic food is that all of it is incredibly healthy for you, just because of the label of “organic.” Turns out that this is not what it means. Organic chicken nuggets, for example, are still not a balanced meal. If you want to reap the benefits of healthy living, watch the video below, and learn what these labels mean before purchasing your next batch of healthy snack foods.

Epipheo TV offers up an amazingly helpful video outlining the labeling requirements. Watch and learn!

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