Will This Make Me Sick?

buy organic foodWhen it comes to healthy living, we all want to know what to eat to keep our bodies in mint condition. But more importantly, we want to know what NOT to eat. What foods will make us ill? Herbal supplements will help keep you healthy. So will taking the time to buy organic food. But if you are continuously eating foods that have been shown to make you sick, you might be doing more harm than an herbal supplement can remedy.

ABCnews.com has compiled a list of foods that are most likely to make you ill. Read on to learn about a few, and then read the article for more information. 

Surprising Foods Likely To Make You Sick: 

  1. Eggs: According to the FDA, more than 140,000 people are infected with Salmonella bacteria each year. Eggs are a leading culprit. 
  2. Veggies: Everyone knows they need to eat their veggies. But leafy greens do need to be washed thoroughly before consumption. Cooking your veggies will add another layer of safety for you and your meal.
  3. Fruits: The problem with fruit is that if one farm sends a batch of contaminated fruit all over the country, a huge outbreak of illness can result. Most fruit is absolutely safe, and the health benefits are beyond dispute, but be sure to wash thoroughly and not eat fruit that looks spoiled.

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