Prenatal Vitamins: Safe for Those Not Expecting?

Prenatal vitamins: safe for women who are not pregnantPerhaps you have heard the hype over prenatal vitamins and the almost never-ending list of health and beauty benefits they confer. Many women have started to take these herbal supplements regardless of whether they are expecting a bundle of joy or not. They are simply hoping to make good on the promises of thicker hair and stronger nails.

The question that arises in the everyone’s mind is whether these vitamins are safe for women who are not pregnant. The short answer is yes. Technically, prenatal vitamins are safe for all healthy adults and will generally not cause any harm. But they are formulated specifically for pregnant women (or those who are trying to get pregnant in the near future) and are not explicitly advised for all other women.

For those who are craving the health and beauty benefits of these vitamins but wish to heed the suggestions to skip it unless pregnant, there are ways to reap the same benefits from other supplements and dietary changes. Prenatal vitamins mainly contain folic acid, iron and calcium. All of these can be found in most adult multivitamins for women. And the research is clear that multivitamins are good for you, whereas no one is really convinced that those not expecting should be taking prenatal vitamins. What’s more? Folic acid, iron and calcium can also be found in a host of organic food store goodies.

The bottom line? Wait until you are actually pregnant to take prenatal vitamins!

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